Diva Cup

Being a woman just got easier. 12 hour leak protection, cost effective, eco friendly. 

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Listed with the Australian TGA.

DivaCup is sometimes referred to as the "Diva Cup Cult". 

Diva Cup Testimonials:

"My friend had been telling me about the glorious DivaCup for two years, and I decided it was finally time to make the switch. I am on Day 4 of Diva and can already tell you that I will NEVER go back! I’ve never felt so good during my period -- no leakage, I swear there is less cramping, and I feel so much more carefree because I don’t have to stop and change every 4 hours! And the best part: I’ll never need to worry about running out of tampons, ever again! Thank you! :)"

Buying in Australia:

You can’t buy directly from the Diva Cup website from Australia. You can buy online through the Australian Distributor Barton Brands.  And they encourage you to buy from their local on-the-ground stockists. Some Melbourne retailers are listed here