Made in: 

Based in the USA. 


FemmyCycle is a relatively new cup that emphasises its innovative, no-spill design. 

FemmyCycle testimonials: 

“It’s not often I’m impressed enough with a product to write to the manufacturer to say Thanks. But this time, I gotta.”

“I’m honestly delighted with my FemmyCycle cups.  I’ve used other cups in the past and was happy with them – but because of a shoulder injury that limits the use of my right arm, I struggled with positioning and removal, and had to give them up. The FemmyCycle’s design eliminates both issues. The self-popping design and the loop on the bottom mean I can use the product easily – whether I’m using the weak injured arm or using the clumsy, non-dominant left arm. Thanks so much for making the product available.  I’m telling all my friends about it.  This is a great product, and I wish everyone knew about it.”

Buying in Australia:

May be difficult to buy from Australia except through some resellers, like