Australian made Juju. Healthier for your planet. Healthier for your purse. Healthier for you.

Made in: 

Juju is Australian owned and based. 


Juju is registered with the Australian TGA. Juju also contributes to "Days for Girls". 

Juju Testimonials:

“I am going to be one of those crazy testimonials where I say something has changed my life but THIS has! ... I can tell this is going to be a life-saver when I go on my globe trotting travels for 12 months next year.”

“Best thing I have ever bought! I love love this! Can't explain how much this has changed my life. I want to tell every woman I meet! I have had no trouble with using my Juju...The freedom I felt when I discovered tampons as a teenager is nothing in comparison to this freedom I feel. Thanks so so much for an amazing (Australian) product!”

Buying in Australia: 

As it is Australian based, purchasing Juju online within Australia will be fast. You may also find Juju in some local retailers. If you buy from the Juju website, enter promo code BETTERWITHJUJU to receive $5 off your order. 

 VISIT THE JuJu Website (enter promo code BETTERWITHJUJU for $5 off your order)