Smarter sanitary protection. Safer. Greener. Smarter.

Made in: 

MoonCup is made in the UK. 


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Moon Cup Testimonials: 

“Hi mooncup! I'm 13 years old and i started to use the mooncup when i was twelve. I really love it and I have been spreading the word ever since. I have absolutely no fault to pick with the product, its probably one of he best inventions ever. I dont ever have to worry about anything when I'm on my period and I wish more girls knew about it and wouldn't be so shy when discussing the topic! Every woman goes through it! I was intimidated by it when I just got it but honestly, when you think about it, the concept couldn’t be any simpler. Thanks so much for making such a amazing product!”

“THANK YOU!!!! I really struggle with my periods and tampons make me so sore and pads, well I feel like I'm wearing nappies! I saw this advertised and thought, why not! I am 30 and I can't believe I've managed so long without my Mooncup. As soon as I used it, I loved it. I swim a lot and run a lot and before I had to cut down on those activities. Not any more! I feel so free and comfortable. Every woman needs to know and try the Mooncup. Thank you so very much!!!!”

Buying in Australia: 

Website has the option to buy from Australia.

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