Anne-Marie Yerks for “Why I Switched From Tampons to a Menstrual Cup”

Anne-Marie Yerks, for decidedly un-revolutionary sounding website, wrote this piece on her switch 3 years ago from tampons to a menstrual cup. While Anne-Marie was initially dismissed menstrual cups as being suspiciously associated “far-gone hippies and Europeans”, she invested in a cup after a plumbing mishap. 

The pipes in the 90 year old house she recently moved into were backing up, leading to a visit from a plumber - who then identified tampons as the culprit. I’m actually surprised Anne-Marie got that far into life without realizing that tampons often don’t escape very far at all when you flush them down the toilet. In Australia at least, many a panicked sign on the back of a toilet door alludes clearly to the likelihood of backing up pipes. 

Anyway, three years later, Anne-Marie says: 

“Three years later, I am a menstrual cup convert. Tampons make me laugh: Why spend hundreds of dollars a year on cotton tubes that must be changed several times daily? Spend forty dollars on a cup, invest some time and effort learning to use it, and enjoy the savings, comfort, and convenience.”
— Anne-Marie Yerks, "Why I Switched From Tampons to a Menstrual Cup",