Diva Cup stars in new TV show with Hilary Duff (what does it all mean?)

Menstrual cups (The Diva Cup, specifically) apparently feature in a new mainstream American TV show, "Younger", starring Hilary Duff (I can't remember what she was in but she's famous - wasn't she a singer or someone's sister?). (Note: this isn't a backhander I'm just not that big on celebrities and can't be bothered googling the topic). I suspect - but again can't be bothered checking whether - this is the first TV story outing for a menstrual cup. Side note: Courtney Cox was the first person to use the word "period" on American TV, in a 1985 ad for Tampax (those American tampons in a crazily large box featuring inventive things to avoid touching yourself with). 

Anyway, on the one hand it's interesting the Diva Cup gets a TV plug (I hesitated using that word but used it anyway). It suggests a certain norm shift in bathroom business. On the other hand the context is all a bit negative and mixed - it's a story about the cup getting stuck, and hijinx ensuing. I wouldn't want to comment on the statistical likelihood of this occurring - I'll leave that to you to fact check. But my guess is slightly less likely than the likelihood anything Hilary Duff says to MTV isn't OKd by a publicist first. Speaking of the scene to MTV, Hilary says "'It makes me sick just thinking about it". The good news is maybe all publicity is good publicity - some girls/women will think about Diva Cups that hadn't before. But it might pointedly scare them off - especially the unexpected reference to a dishwasher. Having said that, there are a lot of American TV shows where the party scenes are supposed to put you off - one drink and THIS happened! BE CAREFUL! - and we all know it doesn't work on everyone. 

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(A further side note:  Diva Cup seems to have a TV ad in the US - coincidence? You decide).