"Goodbye, Tampons: Why Menstrual Cups May Be the Future of Period Care" (Racked)

Racked writes about the growing discussion of, and market for, menstrual cups. The article also covers some of the history of menstrual products, and the stigma and costs surrounding menstruation: 

"The menstrual business is booming!" This is how Meagan Brockway puts it over the phone. She heads up customer service and account management at GladRags, a Portland, Oregon–based company that sells sustainable feminine hygiene products."With the internet, everybody’s more connected than ever," she continues, "and there’s potential for a wildfire of discussion about menstrual cups and cloth pads." That’s right, we’re no longer living in a tampons-or-disposable-pads-only world..."

Read the full story here: http://www.racked.com/2015/4/2/8327839/menstrual-cups-period-diva-cup-softcup