Public Radio International: The menstruation-education connection

The Public Radio International (PRI) website recently published a piece by Allison Beringher on "the menstruation-education connection". The article notes that "for many girls around the world, menstrual health and hygiene issues are obstacles to education. In some places, girls stay home from school during their periods. In others, menstruating women are considered unclean". There is no simple fix, but the article notes five key issues to be aware of. These include the importance of menstrual health to education:

In Uganda, 50 percent of girls miss school during their periods because of poor toilet facilities, limited access to sanitary pads and the belief that period pain is a sign of illness.
— Allison Behringer for Public Radio International

Menstrual cups are mentioned as one option for improving the options for women and girls. 

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Image from Huffington Post: