Elle Magazine: Maybe it’s time to finally get real about Menstrual Cups

Elle Magazine Australia recently published “Maybe it’s time to finally get real about Menstrual Cups”. The article profiles a growing shift toward cups, with their popularity attributed to convenience, cost, and environmental factors. Although there has been an increase in sales and in profile, cups certainly aren’t yet mainstream. The celebratory reviews some women given them, and the value women place in these kinds of recommendations, are also mentioned. The article includes comment from representatives of DivaCup and of Australian brand Juju.

There’s also comment from a specialist trainee in obstetrics and gynaecology, who says: 

I would be happy to support them as long as the woman is well-informed about their use, how to keep them clean and that they’re aware they do not offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases or act as a form of contraception.
— Medical professional quoted in Elle magazine

Good – if occasionally surprising (who would use a cup as contraception?) – advice!

Original article in Elle Australia: