New video: Lunette Cup (Oh No I'm Getting My Period!) Princess Superstar ft. Lunette Menstrual Cup

New York rapper Princess Superstar stars in new promotional video for menstrual cup brand Lunette, rapping (as you do – and indeed "cup rap" may well be a genre now since there is already at least one rap video for menstrual cups) about the benefits of cups.  “Lunette Cup (Oh No I'm Getting My Period!) Princess Superstar ft. Lunette Menstrual Cup” might be a bit frank for your tastes:

"just stick it up there in your va-gee-gee,
don't gotta worry about this s**t all day-day
you might think that a cup is kind of cray-cray
But you are cray-cray, so is every single lady

But it certainly gets to the point more than your average pad or tampon ad. Most of which don’t mention periods at all, and make you feel kind of unclean (or is that just me?) This one features girls in cool sunnies who probably work in New York bars and/or art design firms, jumping around to drum machine sounds by the side of a pool and talking bluntly about their periods:  

Oh no no I'm getting my period
(cheer up b***h it ain't that serious,
try something new so we don't gotta hear it) 

It’s catchy and funny in a slightly horrible way, a terrible combination with some song lyrics that I find myself singing at inappropriate times. (For example from Kendrick Lamar, King Kunta “Life ain’t s**t but a fat v****a” – not a good thing to be overheard humming, at any time really).

This video’s crassness is all the interests of de-stigmatising periods and women’s stuff generally (and about selling Lunette cups!). In describing the ad Lunette said “we knew that we wouldn't be able to get our pro-period message across with butterflies and girls in white running through a prairie in the spring”. Check out the video here: