1 Million Women Blog: “To cup or not to cup: Common questions about menstrual cups answered”

arah Ocenasek for the blog 1 Million Women recently (August 17th 2015) posted an informative question-and-answer blog about menstrual cups. The post is by someone who wanted to try cups for environmental reasons, bought one, didn’t use it for a year because they frankly found the idea a bit offputting, then finally started - and loved it. A great thing about this post is – apart from its honest and useful answers to common queries - the emphasis on choice and what’s right for you personally. Hence: 

It is just another option, one that people who are invested in reducing their carbon footprint might want to try. I never knew they existed until a year ago, so spreading the word about them is in no way meant to make anyone feel bad for not using them, it is merely some info that you can choose to investigate or ignore.
— Sarah Ocenasek for 1 Million Women



I love that I no longer have to run to the store to buy tampons, or worry about the chemicals used, or throw away a bunch of plastic and cotton, but that is just me. My best friend flat out refuses and does not want to know anything more about the cup, but guess what? I still love her and her tampons all the same.
— Sarah Ocenasek for 1 Million Women

“It could be better” suggests the same  - perhaps you could look into menstrual cups and you’ll find you’re one of the many women who much prefer them. But maybe you won’t – no stress!  A little information never went astray though. Check out the blog: http://www.1millionwomen.com.au/blog/cup-or-not-cup-common-questions-about-menstrual-cups-answered/