How Stuff Works Video – 7 reasons to try Menstrual Cups

Here’s a great “How Stuff Works” (subset “Stuff Mom Never Told You” – I almost wrote “Stuff Mom Never Told YOU” then which would be funny for some I guess) video suggesting 7 reasons you might want to try a menstrual cup. 

Cristen is actually using a disposable softcup for her demo – and admirably drinks cherry juice out of one to demonstrate the capacity (an ounce – that’s 29mls). There are of course many reusable options available. 

Cristen’s reasons given for trying out a menstrual cup are: 

  1. They’re more absorbent;
  2. They last longer (up to 12 hours);
  3. You can wear them to bed;
  4. They don’t have odour;
  5. You can save money; and
  6. They’re gentler on your body, as they don’t have chemicals and dyes. 

Check out the video here