Emma McGowan for For Bustle: What Are The Benefits Of Using A Menstrual Cups? 10 Women On How The Period Product Made Their Lives Better

In Bustle magazine Emma McGowan (and 10 other women) discuss why they switched to menstrual cups, and what the benefits have been. 

Some of the reasons discussed include: easier disposal, ease of use while camping, suitability for jobs in the field or without breaks, being cheaper, fewer changes through the day, more comfortable, better for some bodies (e.g. avoiding yeast infections, dryness), minimizing waste, fewer leaks.

As the introduction notes, they are for everyone – but for many women they are a huge improvement over other options, and can have surprisingly far-reaching benefits.

The stories also touch on some disadvantages of cups: e.g. yoga, and learning how to insert them. And as noted, some brands suit different people’s shape better.

As you can see, menstrual cups are beloved by many of us who love them. But they won’t work for everyone, of course, and I’m sure I could come up with just as many stories from people talking about how they love their tampons or their pads or their period panties. The best thing to do it is try out different options and figure out what works best for your body and lifestyle. But for me? It’s menstrual cups all the way.
— Emma McGowan, Bustle
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