USA Today: “Tampons are out among younger women. Why feminine hygiene is newest consumer battlefield”

Here’s an April 2017 USA Today piece (with a video included) overviewing changes in the ‘feminine hygiene’ (period) business:

About 70 years after the invention of disposable tampons and sanitary pads, some women, primarily millennials, are choosing environmentally friendly forms of feminine products.
— USA Today

This includes menstrual cups, but also ‘Thinx’ pads and reusable cloth pads. The article notes that younger women are more open to talking about their periods, and also to trying options other than what their mothers were used to. 

Upstart companies, helmed by women and preaching a message of female empowerment, are breaking into the market still controlled largely by brands that have been household names for generations. Among the new niche producers besides Thinx and Lunette, are Lunapads, DivaCups, GladRags, Dear Kate and Flex, which sell menstrual cups, reusable period underwear, cloth pads.
— USA Today

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