Swim, dance, walk, sleep, jump - and even look good naked! Welcome to the modern world, where your period comes with no strings or wings attached.

Made in:  

RubyCup is designed in Denmark, made in China, and based in Barcelona / England. 


RubyCup runs a program where every cup you buy is matched with a cup for a schoolgirl in Kenya. This helps them avoid missing school. More about the general 'big picture' issues here.  Or here's More about RubyCup helping school girls in Kenya.  

RubyCup Testimonial:  

"I highly suggest you try a Ruby Cup yourself. I will never go back to pads, tampons or any other type of disposable solution. If you are not interested in trying a Ruby Cup yourself perhaps it would make a great gift for a family member. Once the initial purchase is made you save a lot of money in the long run on the other products you no longer buy. And your purchase helps such a good cause!"

Buying in Australia: 

Free worldwide shipping offered from the Ruby Cup website. You can also buy online through