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SoftCup comes in disposable ("Insteads") - these are a halfway product between disposable and reusable. They also allow you to have mess-free sex during your period. 

Also note: As of August 2017 SoftCup has been bought by the Flex Company and rebranded as Flex FitsWe will update details soon. 

SoftCup Testimonials:

“I just started sing Softcups this summer and I wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE them! Your product has brought me the freedom to do my everyday activities even while having my period. I have always used tampons or pads, and on my heavy flow days both, but with the Softcups the most I have to use with them is a panty liner. I no longer worry about leakage and much to my husband's delight we can even engage in sex during that time of the month. I admit I was apprehensive at first when it came to taking the Softcups out but I quickly learned how to do so with minimal muss and fuss. I am telling all of my friends and family that they need to switch to your product. I am one very satisfied customer, and at 41 years of age no longer dread having my period. Thank you so much for a wonderful product."

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have finally gained confidence on my two very heavy days. In my job, a break is not possible for 3 hours or longer, so EXTREME leaks" were always a concern. I used to keep super-plus tampons in my house, my car, my purse, my laptop case, my work cubicle, my suitcase, etc. I never had enough. The most embarrassing was having to go the bathroom several times on a flight from San Fran to Hawaii, then having to keep a tampon close for 2 days while in a swimming suit. NEVER AGAIN!“

“I'm such a convert from using just one (now two) samples! I was hesitant to try since this was a change, but then again I didn't know this revolutionary (at least in my world) product existed! I think most girls are okay with the status quo of using either a tampon or pad. That's kinda all that's been shoved down our throats regarding feminine hygiene products. I didn't even think there was an alternative. "

Buying in Australia:

SoftCup is based in the USA. You can't buy direct from the US site. You can however order through the New Zealand distributor.

Visit the SoftCup website - From August 2017 now the FlexFit Site

Visit EnviroMenstruals (NZ) to order SoftCup from Australia

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